Packaging Ai - The ultimate beginner's guide to designing packaging with MidJourney

Packaging Ai

Design better packaging in minutes, not months

Get the book that reveals Midjourney's secrets for designing concepts faster. We'll teach you what took us months to learn in minutes so that you can get started on creating quality packaging designs right away.

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Book contains the following sections:

01 - Brief intro to Midjourney. By now you've an idea of what it is but we clear up a few questions I get asked.

02 - Getting started. A step by step walk through to get you logged on and ready to type your first prompt. It's fast and easy, if I can do it, so can you.

03 - What is a Prompt. Breakdown of terminology and how to deploy words to achieve your desired outcomes.

04 - Cheat Sheets. List of cheats and tips to improve the quality of packaging generated.

05 - Basic Prompts. Prompts with their resulting images and explanations why certain words were used. Images generated are basic package design shapes that Midjourney knows and understands.

06 - Complex Prompts. Application of style, graphics, and design language to result in specific packaging design outcomes in Midjourney. Including uploading image prompts and refining those images.

So if you've every wanted to try out Midjourney for Packaging Design this is the time to get the book that gets you started in minutes, not months.


Everything you need to know to get started designing packaging with MidJourney. Lessons learned in this book can be applied beyond packaging, to logos, websites, illustrations, and so much more with MidJourney . Packaging Ai is a LinkedIn community that teaches users how to incorporate MidJourney into their everyday design process. Are you ready to step into the future of design?

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Packaging Ai - The ultimate beginner's guide to designing packaging with MidJourney